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Kaha Ra Lemurian Mirimiri & Rongoà Wellness Consultation

Kaha Ra Lemurian Mirimiri & Rongoà Wellness Consultation

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Te Raukura offers sacred heart based, one on one sessions with individuals, offering holistic guidance and support, followed by a deep body therapy using kohatu (heated stones) sound frequencies and crystals,  She shares from her 30 + years of Mirimiri and therapeutic massage experience, specializing in Kaha Ra - a Lemurian Body Therapy with heated stones, sound medicine and a crystal grid; to reveal and activate your ancient sacred blueprint.  Using a merging of slow long strokes like the ocean waves activating your sacred waters and deep accupressure with heated stones, point releasing using the breath, releasing up to 5 layers deeps. 

A Kaha Ra Mirimiri session runs of around 120 minutes. 

As both a practitioner and a teacher of this sacred process, she shares her work  with passion and purpose, to assist in raising the consciousness of humanity, and honouring her highest vision of supporting in the activation of our collective global community, holding the vision for an empowered, free, Earth Worshipping New Lemurian Civilization. 

The session is experienced in a safe nurturing space inside the Venus Womb of Kòpù Temple.  Te Raukura looks forward to meeting you soon.

Others options are available to work with couples and small groups.


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Learning ancient Lore of Bush Medicine

Te Raukura will take you on a sacred journey sharing some of the medicines of our local bush, their medicinal and culinary uses, learning how to harvest correctly and how to make some simple blends