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Womb Warrioress - Sacred Rebirth Training

Womb Warrioress - Sacred Rebirth Training

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This workshop is held in The Kòpù Temple of Venus in Kòpù, Thames at the Gateway of the Coromandel, encompassing the divine feminine portal of transformation, self-love, spiritual development, mental cleansing, physical rejuvenation, emotional balancing and education. It is run over 3 days, where participants arrive on Friday afternoon at 5pm and leave Monday late afternoon to early evening. There is an option to stay Monday night, especially due to the deep processing and Self transformation that often takes place during these wananga, and you are welcome to stay until lunchtime the next day.

We will be experiencing a wide range of energies throughout this training including, meditation, movement medicine, Self care rituals and working with body intelligence to guide us on this deep, sacred exploration. 

The journey is about honouring the womb and supporting Self and others to activate this sacred space on multiple levels.  We are working with body intelligence, embodiment and initiating the light body through the portal of the womb.  We will also be learning a powerful womb massage practice; which is an  external, non intrusive manipulation of the pelvic girdle which includes the groin, belly, buttocks and lower back. This is a practice that is indigenous to most ancient cultures.  It has been used for thousands of years in the Màori traditions through our Lemurian roots for deep self care, and more recently it has been re-acknowledged and brought to the fore of what we know today.  Today the womb is finally being re-accessed as a potent portal space that creates, alchemizes and transforms realities.

This is a safe honouring environment where each woman is guided to be fully present to recalibrate DNA, re-igniting creative life force and heal the wounded divine feminine on both a personal and collective level.     

There is an additional cost of $50 for 3 nights accommodation in the Rainbow Guest cottage next door.

Every participant is required to purchase a practitioner kete, as a starter to their practice, and will use some items throughout the journey. The Practitioner kete includes: 250ml bottle of Sacred Space Rongoà oil, Sacred Rainbow Taniwha purification spray, 2 x Lemurian Kohatu, a 110g womb balm and a Yoni steam pack - $150.

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