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Thank you for visiting us at We Love Rongoà. We Love Rongoà was launched in 2012, specializing in supporting a variety of skin conditions using natural ingredients and the extracts of our beautiful native plants of Aotearoa. We Love Rongoà also focuses on providing education and trainings with native plant medicine walks, mirimiri massage and womb medicine, additionally offering these options as part of our available services.

90% of the native plants of Aotearoa are endemic to this country, which means that they don't grow anywhere else in the world. This makes them uniquely original to this beautiful place we call home. Each plant holds its own mana, vibration and unique healing properties, and has inspired Te Raukura to create a unique range of apothecaries , supported by her desire to reconnect to nature and use its resources to help heal her community.

After completing her naturopathy and Rongoà training Te Raukura was called to making natural remedies, using locally sourced native plants and extracts, that directly connected to her souls mission. Today, she offers her range of We Love Rongoà Products and Services which invites you to experience the best of Mother natures gifts, consciously sourced directly from the lush local bush of Kòpù and its surrounding areas, and made sustainably with pure and natural ingredients.

In 2021 Te Rakura was guided to expand the We Love Rongoa range to include the Kòpù Temple Collection, charged with the potency of the energies of the land of Kòpù, situated in Thames Coromandel - here she lives with her soul mate of 20+ years and her multiple fur babies, living in sacred community and supporting others on their journey of equilibrium.

Kòpù literally means the Womb of Venus. Kòpù is an ancient sacred ceremonial site right within the stargate of Matai Whetu - the Marae next door and starpath of the ancient celestial navigators; that holds the frequency, vibration and magnetics of the Womb, the Divine Feminine and Venus. This sacred journey of being here in Kòpù offers a rich sense of wellness which has birthed the wellspring of the Kòpù Temple, Kòpù Temple Products, Kòpù Sacred Journeys and a deepening of the Kòpù Venus Womb medicine.

Here in Kòpù we have witnessed the Grand Rising of the Divine Mother frequencies, here now to heal and support the wellbeing of our own true nature, through Mother Nature.

Te Raukura Màori Medicine Woman & Priestess of the Kòpù Temple proudly presents her sacred offerings to all those that are in need of support; whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, She is here to support you on whatever healing experience you are needing.

Te Raukura is of Ngatai and Ngati Manu descent and comes from a line of Tohunga. She is passionate about conscious natures living systems and being in communion with the nature spirits and their divine lores. She has a deep love and respect for animals and a special connection to dogs, cats, cows, plants and water, as a water carrier of Waitaha.

Te Raukura is a deeply compassionate person who loves supporting others to shine their light and be the best version of themselves. She is a shadow walker and light bearer, bringing all into harmonic balance - that is her greatest gift and she is here to support you whether it be for a product or a service. She promises a safe deeply honouring experience shifting you into a state of harmonic grace. She looks forward to connecting with you soon.

Nga mihi Mahana xxx


Featured collection

Warming Muscle Balm

Mahana - Horopito & Kawakawa Warming Massage Balm for aching muscles and joints to warm aread and help release pain and tension. Also can be used to warm cold feet.

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Itch Relief Balm

Ora - Kopakopa and Kawakawa - To soothe and heal eczema, relieve the itch of insect bites and stings, treat bacterial infections and stop superficial bleeding of wound.

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Anti Fungal Cream

Horoi - Tanekaha and Manuka Cream to relieve itching and to help Treat fungal infections such as athletes foot, jock itch and tinea vesicolor

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Native plant Medicines

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