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We Love ❤ Rongoā

Dragon Riders Aotearoa

Dragon Riders Aotearoa

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We are thrilled to invite you on a spectacular journey of sacred reciprocity—a dragon riding experience like no other, set against the mystical backdrop of our mission to activate the Blue Diamond. This unique adventure promises to be a profound opportunity to connect with ancient wisdom and the elemental forces of nature, as you soar through the skies on the back of a majestic dragon.

Join us as we embrace the winds of change and channel the powerful energies of the Blue Diamond, an emblem of clarity, strength, and enlightenment. Your participation in this quest is not just an adventure, but a profound commitment to the balance of giving and receiving, as we seek to unlock deeper understandings and raise collective consciousness. Together, let's make this a transformative experience that resonates through all realms of existence.

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Learning ancient Lore of Bush Medicine

Te Raukura will take you on a sacred journey sharing some of the medicines of our local bush, their medicinal and culinary uses, learning how to harvest correctly and how to make some simple blends