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HineAotea - Hokiois first flight

HineAotea - Hokiois first flight

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HineAotea's Hokiois First Flight piece of Blue Pounamu is one of the first Stones of the first light Frequencies. Made of 144 million yr old petrified waters merged with minerals such as kyanite( blue), Fuschite (Green) and quartz (White/clear) creates this stunning consciousness filled stone with ancient memories of the first light frequencies. She has awakened at this time to activate our sacred sacred sound seed and initiate the Creatrix codes of Truth, Peace, Grace and Freedom.

KŌPŪ Temple's latest Hine Aotea pieces are rare beauities imbued with so much depth and toto (blood in them): Blessed and Activated with The Venus codes of Kōpū, cleansed beneath the Bridges of the inbetween realms and blessed with thr Taniwha Te Uriea to initiate the Joy frequencies. Ready and available to all discerning recipients All Blessed and anointed with Kōpū Venus Temple Oils.

Comes in small kete and Karanga/Karakia 

6cm x 4cm

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