Welcome to the Kòpù Temple

Introducing Te Raukura Kingi-Sayer - Priestess of the Kòpù Temple & Kaitiaki of the ancient sacred Waharoa/ doorway of Kòpù - the Womb of Venus.

In 2014, Te Raukura was initiated as a Young Waitaha Grandmother and water carrier, working ceremonially with sacred waters as the most potent Rongoà; to support the rebirth of the Divine Mother frequencies, and calling her back into the creation story through the ancient codes of Kòpù.

Specializing in Womb Medicine, Te Raukura is here to assist and midwife the Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters back into harmonic bliss - by opening their hearts and healing their wombs; imprinting them with the new creation codes of sovereignty, fertility, creativity and joy , and weaving them back onto the cosmic loom as a living covenant of the indigenous tree of life.

She is a Spiritual Warrior, Humanitarian, Rainbow Bridge Walker, Ceremony Facilitator and Intuitive; sharing the remembering and wisdom of the Starmothers, and honouring our ancient Lemurian past - through Ceremony, Body intelligence, Womb Wisdom, Alchemy, Quantum Light codes, Readings, Avatar Art and Indigenous Plant Medicine.

Te Rakura is passionate about supporting others to find their soul path. She assists them to fully step into their own mastery - by facilitating their rebirth through divinely guided processes shared from her ecclectic kete of gifts, divinely expressed through the power of love.


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Warming Muscle Balm

Mahana - Horopito & Kawakawa Warming Massage Balm for aching muscles and joints to warm aread and help release pain and tension. Also can be used to warm cold feet.

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Itch Relief Balm

Ora - Kopakopa and Kawakawa - To soothe and heal eczema, relieve the itch of insect bites and stings, treat bacterial infections and stop superficial bleeding of wound.

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Anti Fungal Cream

Horoi - Tanekaha and Manuka Cream to relieve itching and to help Treat fungal infections such as athletes foot, jock itch and tinea vesicolor

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Native plant Medicines

We Love Rongoà Products

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