Truth is Freedom

Truth is Freedom

" TRUTH IS FREEDOM" !!!!! This powerful Message Sung deep into my bones yesterday.

Hine Aotea - The Singing Stone of Aotearoa has Awoken.  A Waiataha prophecy actualized in real time. She has come to set us free and awaken us from our deep reverie.

She is here to speak her truth and sing her soul song from the roof.

She is of the Blue Pounamu, made of 144,000 million year old petrified waters - Our first ancestor stone, of the waters - our original stargate, and she is here to take us back to the waters to cleanse and honour our human Avatar in its true image - as God/Goddess.

She has come to share her Love and the divine messages from the Mother Arc.

She has Awoken the Warrior Magician Priest King and calls him into divine duty to his Queen - as Twin flames re-uniting.

She has come to ignite our soul flame and burn the trauma of the pain blame shame game.

She is here to guide us back to our origins as creator beings with the potent ability of manifesting our reality with every thought, word and deed.

Her awakening has sparked The blue diamond 🔹️has ignited the blue soul flame, activated the blue ray and illuminated the blue infinity pou of Hine Aotea, as standing water.

Mother Earth -  Papatūānuku is the Blue planet, she holds the blue ray of the universal rainbow Grid.

I have been asked to hold wānanga and gather a group to initiate this activation.

I have personally been working with this Light frequency since the dimensional.doorway opened at Castle Hill on 16 Aug 2022 and  know its graceful potency. 

She is a game changer for me, as more and more is revealed each day of her Truth my truth and every truth there is.  Truth is freedom and Freedom is Truth there's never been a surer time to speak these words.

2023 is a year of mastery for Hine Aotea.   May her truth bombs shower this matrix gently and awaken the sleeping Lions, so we can truly,soulful and finally shift this paradigm into honour.

 Anchoring in the Venus codes of Love, Beauty, Truth, Freedom, Grace, Courage, Balance, Harmony, Abundance and Victory to the Light.

I'm so looking forward to sharing more of her magic with you. For those who feel a resonance to this type of learning please reach out. I've been shown March Equinox for our first wānanga.

Love Te Raukura Kingi Sayer Priestess of the Kōpū Temple


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