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BLUE DIAMOND SEAL - The Blue Diamond 6 Week online Initiation

BLUE DIAMOND SEAL - The Blue Diamond 6 Week online Initiation

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Commencing Sat 8th June at 4:44pm Nzst on Zoom, weekly for 2 - 3 hr Wananga/Temple for 6 weeks, with the final week on Sat 13th July 2024

🌟 Welcome to "The Blue Diamond Quest of Ion - Journey of Hawaiiki Tapu", a transformative six-week container commencing Fri 7th June at 7pm Zoom Live from the Kopu Temple of the Blue Diamond, Kopu, Thames Aotearoa. Designed to awaken your soul's purpose and galvanize the global network of lightworkers to fulfill the ancient prophecy. This sacred offering includes a wealth of wisdom, tools, and guidance to support you on your journey of self-discovery and collective awakening. Through a series of Live Zoom Temples, information sharing and Wananga you will embark on a profound exploration of consciousness, delving into the depths of the Blue Diamond and activating the Rainbow Diamond Kristic Grid—the celestial lattice of unity consciousness that holds the keys to humanity's liberation.

🔷 Each week, you will be immersed in a rich tapestry of teachings, ceremonies, and sacred practices, carefully curated to assist you in aligning with your highest truth and purpose. From guided meditations to energetic activations, you will receive the care and sacred tools necessary to navigate the shifting tides of the next octave for humanity. As you journey deeper into the realms of the unknown, you will be supported by a global community of like-hearted souls, united in their commitment to anchoring the Rainbow Diamond Kristic Grid and ushering in a new era of freedom and sovereignty for all.

🌈 Beyond the confines of time and space, this container offers more than just a course—it offers a pathway to euphoric living and ongoing guidance as you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of human consciousness. Whether you join us live or access the recordings at your own pace, you will receive the encouragement and support needed to integrate these teachings into your daily life and catalyze profound transformation on both personal and planetary levels.

💎 As we journey together, building the worldwide network to fulfill the prophecy, we will also lay the groundwork for the manifestation of the temple—a living consciousness that will serve as a beacon of light for generations to come. Through our collective efforts and commitment to the path, we will anchor the frequencies of love, unity, and divine sovereignty into the very fabric of existence, catalyzing a quantum leap in human evolution.

At the culmination of this sacred journey, you will have the opportunity to participate in study groups and temple gatherings, where you can deepen your

innerstanding of the teachings and connect with fellow initiates on a deeper level. Ultimately, this journey is an invitation to embrace these practices as a way of life, empowering you to become a beacon of light in a world that is yearning for awakening and transformation. Are you ready to heed the call and step into your role as a steward of the new Earth? The time is now, dear soul, to rise together and co-create a world of peace, harmony, and limitless possibility.

Step into the flowing currents of destiny, where the whispers of the ancients converge with the modern rhythms of life. Within this sacred journey lies the opportunity to unlock the mysteries of the universe, guided by the luminous essence of the Blue Diamond.

As we embark on "The Blue Diamond Quest of Ion - Journey of Hawaiiki Tapu", we offer flexible payment options, ensuring accessibility for all seekers. Our sliding scale starts from $44 per Delivery, which is a total of $264, honouring those who navigate their paths with mindful stewardship of resources. Yet, for those ready to fully immerse themselves in the depths of transformation, to receive the full Seal of the Blue Diamond, the sacred code "444" awaits, sealing your commitment to the journey and the global network it sustains. With each investment, you not only accelerate your personal evolution but also contribute to the collective awakening of humanity. Your resonance with the divine echoes through the ages, weaving a tapestry of unity and sovereignty. Let us together illuminate the path ahead, where the brilliance of the Blue Diamond shines as a beacon of hope and liberation for all. Embrace this moment, dear soul, and step boldly into the realm of infinite possibility. Payments can be made online, with gratitude for payments in full.

We realize that financial constraints can be a barrier to accessing transformative experiences, which is why we are offering two scholarships for individuals who are eager to be part of this journey but may be facing financial challenges. These scholarships provide an opportunity for those in need to dive deep into the luminous realms of the Blue Diamond, receive the guidance and support they require, and emerge empowered to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace. If you are passionate about awakening to your true purpose, activating the Rainbow Diamond Grid, and contributing to global transformation, we invite you to apply for one of these scholarships and join us on this sacred odyssey of self-discovery and unity consciousness. Together, let us illuminate the path forward, supporting each other through times of hardship and emerging stronger, wiser, and more connected than ever before.

As stewards of the global network destined to fulfill the ancient prophecy, we believe in the power of community and the collective wisdom that emerges when diverse souls come together in pursuit of a shared vision. Your voice, your story, and your presence are invaluable contributions to the tapestry of this sacred journey, and we are honoured to offer these scholarships as a means of fostering greater inclusivity and accessibility within our community. We eagerly await your submissions and look forward to welcoming two radiant souls into the luminous embrace of the Blue Diamond. With love and anticipation, let us journey together into the depths of remembrance and transformation.

Scholarship Application:

To those whose hearts beat with the rhythm of determination, whose spirits dance with the melody of resilience, we extend an invitation: share with us the anthem of your journey. In the symphony of life, every note holds a story, and it is in the echoes of these tales that we find the resonance of true dedication. We seek not just words, but the essence of your being woven into the fabric of your narrative. Speak of the trials that shaped you, the triumphs that fueled your spirit, and the dreams that beckon you forward. Show us the tapestry of your soul, painted with hues of courage, compassion, and unwavering resolve. For it is in the depths of your authenticity that the most honoring stories reside. Let your voice be heard, your truth be known, and your light shine bright. This scholarship is not just a reward, but a recognition of the sacred journey you tread. May your story inspire, uplift, and ignite the flames of hope in all who hear it.  


For those wishing to do sliding scale please contact me on either messenger on Te Raukura Kingi Sayer or email me at and coordinate payment with me directly.




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