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We Love ❤ Rongoā

Ambassador for Blue Diamond Mothership

Ambassador for Blue Diamond Mothership

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Join the Cosmic Mission: Sponsor a Navigator on the Mothership

For the Blue Diamond Initiation journey commencing Sat 22nd June for 6 weeks.

Unlock the potential of transformative change by sponsoring a participant in the groundbreaking 6-week journey aboard the Mothership. Your sponsorship will not only support an individual's transformative path but also contribute to our collective mission to awaken to the prophetic vision of the Blue Diamond. Choose from two impactful ways to contribute:

Kaitiaki Guardian:

Offer partial or full support of $262 to sponsor a navigator, helping to steward the legacy of cosmic awakening. This will have to be done as a bank transfer.  Please deposit amount you wish to offer, with code kaitiaki and your name into account We Love Rongoā 06 0592 0107898 00.

Ambassador and Guide: 

Fully sponsor a participant for $262 and become an honorary member of the Blue Diamond community, receiving a badge of Ambassadorship and recognition as a visionary leader in building the New Earth vision.

Your generosity propels this mission forward, lighting up the path towards unity and freedom. Be part of this monumental journey to realign with our starry origins and ignite the inner lights of our fellow navigators.

Embrace this opportunity to empower, transform, and contribute to a legacy of love and freedom. Sponsor a navigator today!

Thank you for your incredible support xxx

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